Fair Display Guidelines

These guidelines are not offered as being either for or against the concept of MLSs operating public facing websites; however, if an MLS does decide to operate a public facing website they must adhere to these concepts to be Fair Display Certified℠.

1.Brokers May Opt-Out Of Displaying Their Listings On The MLS Operated Public Facing Website
2.Unbiased Display Of All Listings
Search results will return listings sorted/ranked based upon the consumer’s search parameters. The search results list will not give preference to any type of featured listing, or paid placement.
3.Consistent Display Of Listing Data
Each MLS will determine the amount of listing data and photos to display on a public facing website. There will not be charges for displaying any data related to the listing or the agent, such as fees for additional photographs or the broker or agents’ contact information.
4.No Ads For Other Brokerages Or Agents Displayed On Or With A Brokerage’s Listing
Only the actual listing broker and agent may be displayed on the property details page. No ads from companies that may compete with a broker’s affiliated business such as mortgage, title, or escrow companies will be displayed on an individual property listing page.
5.Leads Distributed At No Charge To The Listing Brokerage Firm
All leads will go directly to the listing brokerage firm or the agent, as directed by the firm. No leads will be diverted elsewhere. No fees will be charged for leads. Every listing will have the brokerage name and logo prominently displayed, and contact information as provided by the broker including a link directly back to the brokerage website (or other site as dictated by brokerage).
6.Make Reports Available To The Broker, If Available
Brokerages will receive or be able to access complete reports on any traceable activities related to their listings.
7.Brokerage Maintains Control Of All Of Their Data
No syndication of the broker’s listing data without the broker’s knowledge.
8.The MLS And Brokerage Firms Will Work Together Locally To Make Decisions About Allowing Ads On The MLS Public Facing Website
If there are ads, the MLS and Brokers will determine the types of ads allowable, and any potential revenue share between MLS and listing brokers for the ad revenue generated.

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